Mr. Sickert is an award winning writer with recognition in writing competitions that date back to his grade school days in St. Joseph Michigan. He was the recipient of the prestigious West Publishing Award in 1996 and the Sigma Delta Kappa Law Foundation award for his article “An Attorneys Guide to Managed Care Liability” in the same year. His NutraMinder™ newsletter and branding expertise has been utilized by leading supplement companies in their attempt at communicating complex nutritional issues in a cogent fashion.

Mr. Sickert attributes his branding acumen to his undergraduate experience in a specialty class titled Marketing Theory Seminar. This unique bookless curriculum focused on branding real business applications and required a formal position paper presented to the owner(s). The humble beginnings have lead to over a billion dollars in supplement sales including Barleans Organic Oils, Garden Of Life, Brevail, Penta Water/AquaPhotonics, Xowii and other projects.

Tri credentialed in Business, Law and Nutrition (CNC), Mr. Sickert presents that rare credibility to present diverse aspects of a business to diverse audiences.

(Bill) is a tough minded executive known for visionary leadership, achieving superior results and building value in the public and private sectors in underperforming businesses. Bill has worked in diverse industries including Allied Health, Natural Supplements, Health Sciences, Platform Technology and Media.

Mr. Sickert is a resident of Carlsbad, CA and shares his love of multi-sport competition in the neighboring communities of Southern California.

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